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Ofisgate Academy is one of initiative by Ofisgate to educate the Cyber Warrior and to develop a true Cyber Warrior with the new way of Defensive and Offensive in real life environment


Beyond Classroom

Ofisgate Academy is fully equipped with all the facilities needed to train a cyber warrior. It has a build-in laboratory designed for cyber warriors to have a real life experience handling Cyber Warfare.

Experienced Trainer

Each of our trainers have a strong commitment to the theory and practice of their subject area — bringing a balance of education, consulting and on- the-job experience to all of our training. Also we are aware of the importance of personal experience in the retention of learning.


We practice fun and interactive coaching as well as a very discipline style of coaching where phones are not allowed during training. We believe participants will have full concentration and devotion as well as conducive environment without any outside disturbance.


To ensure the successful implementation of the skill sets taught during our training, we allow for extensive interaction between our trainer (s)/ facilitator (s) and participants — allowing each participant to receive more assistance with individual needs.