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Many organizations and government agencies have answered the cyber defense challenge by arming their networks with firewalls, intrusion prevention systems (IPSs), and other defenses. Though this satisfies a rudimentary network security checklist, this approach has no hope of keeping pace with the rapid evolution and scale of cyber threats, and is destined to fail. Effective cyber security is the product of melding trained people, or cyber warriors, and automated systems into a unified defense.

With Cyber Range Lab capabilities, you will enjoy:

  • Architecture, Design Validation

  • Building and Improving Incident Response Playbook (creation/validation)

  • War Game excercises (Blue/Red Teaming, Threat Hunting, Capture The Flag (CTF), Persistant and Coordinated Attacks, Offensive and Defensive

  • Hands-On Training for individual technologies

  • Threat Mitigation Process verification

  • Simulating advanced threats (Zero Day/APT)

  • Research emerging trends and understand "What If scenarios", "Why is it", "How" and anticipate probability and reducing the surface attacks.

For this Cyber Range Lab, there are three (3) major core components which can be used.

  1. Cyber Research Range

  2. Cyber Simulation and Test Range

  3. Cyber Training and Exercise Range